Welcome to The Foxburgh Centre Ltd

Opening Hours : By Appointment Only
  Contact : 01603 759791


There are three bedrooms (also available for bed & breakfast should you just wish to stay and relax):

  • The Saddlechamber: twin room
  • The Cosy-Suite: a double room, which is set up for my day procedure patients
  • The Tower-Suite: a double room, which is set up for the intensive in-patient treatments

All rooms are en-suite. A stair-lift is available as well as a bath lift and other facilities which are useful for patients who are not that mobile.

A therapy pool is on site as well as a small gym with a special area for specific spinal deformities.

There is also a small room specifically for one-to- one yoga classes, frequency- or colour – therapy and psychological work.

All the facilities will be used when the treatment calls for it.